Title: Tortured Souls

Summary: Every thirty seconds someone is pushed to the brink of suicide. Every twelve minutes one of these desperate individuals takes their own life. Mental illness, drug abuse, and tragic events all contribute to an ever-growing number of people who can no longer endure this world. But some reach this point through insidious manipulation by a Luciferian force from beyond—a malevolent entity bent on ending humanity as we know it. Michael is mankind's only hope. Haunted by relentless nightmares that threaten his sanity, he succumbs to the darkness by way of drugs and needles—reaching depths most would never imagine. Until one day, at his lowest moment, Michael faces Belial The Fallen—the embodiment of evil in the realm of man. He discovers he has been chosen to be the champion against the beast and must summon the strength within himself to fight back or else resign himself to the destruction of all he holds dear.

Book Cover: Tortured Souls
Tortured Souls
Scott Dokey